Which 360 cameras are supported by Imeve Live?

The current version of Imeve Live supports OZO, Z CAM S1 and Z CAM S1 Pro. Future releases will support additional capture hardware. Please contact us and let us know if there is specific camera support you would like to see!

What server hardware and OS is required for Imeve Live?

Generally, Intel i9 or greater CPU and NVIDIA GTX1070 or higher GPU, on Windows 10 Pro or Ubuntu Linux. Full details are on our product page.

Can Imeve Live run on a laptop?

Yes! It should work, with performance constraints, on any VR-ready Windows 10 Pro laptop with a GTX1070 or higher GPU.


Is my OZO Live license valid for Imeve Live?

No. Due to Nokia legal constraints, we are unable to transfer existing OZO Live licenses.

Customers with paid OZO Live licenses are eligible for a significant discount on Imeve Live through our OZO Live customer migration program. Please email sales@imeve.com with your OZO Live proof of purchase for details. Free or bundled OZO Live licenses are not eligible for this program.

Are Imeve Live licenses transferable between machines?

You may transfer an Imeve Live license from one machine to another in the event of hardware failure or if you want to change operating systems. Contact support@imeve.com to arrange a license transfer.

How do I cancel recurring billing?

Log in to your account and visit the “Subscriptions” tab in the “My Account” section. You can cancel there.

Can I purchase a multi-node license?

Imeve currently does not offer a multi-node license analogous to the earlier OZO Live Multi-node product. If you are interested in licensing four or more servers, please contact sales@imeve.com for a bulk discount.

OZO Legacy Support

Can you help me with issues with OZO hardware?

For warranty or out-of-warranty support for OZO camera hardware, please contact Nokia OZO Support at ozosupport@nokia.com.

Where can I download OZO Remote or OZO Creator?

Imeve does not own the technology for these products and cannot provide support for them. Please contact Nokia OZO support at ozosupport@nokia.com for downloads or other questions around these products.

Where can I obtain OZO firmware upgrades or calibration information?

Nokia continues to operate a cloud service which is accessed automatically by the final versions of OZO software products. If you encounter issues with this service please contact OZO Support at ozosupport@nokia.com.