The Imeve team was in Minneapolis last week for the Super Bowl, working alongside our friends at Verizon and Nokia to demonstrate next-generation applications on the Nokia Smart Stadium platform.

Imeve simulated a live multi-camera VR sports event, showing how multiple real-time high resolution 360 feeds can be efficiently delivered to an entire stadium using Nokia’s Multi-access Edge Computing technology. The Imeve experience not only transported a single participant, but also allowed multiple fans to share a virtual skybox during the game, chatting with each other while switching among several real-time and pre-recorded 360 video feeds.

A guest chats with Emily during Imeve’s virtual stadium experience.

Our lovely and talented virtual host, Emily, joined the guests in the virtual experience, directing the camera feeds and even ordering refreshments!

Nokia and Verizon’s wireless networking technologies will enable these sorts of in-stadium and remote experiences sooner than you might think. We’re excited to be working with these partners to bring live 360 to the market at scale.

Contact us if you’d like more information about Imeve’s on-location live 360 video solutions.